Started in 2008, iPhography was one of the world's first dedicated iPhone Photography sites & later grew with the addition of newer iOS devices, but the iPhone still remained at it's core. It won several awards & was featured in iPhone life magazine & the well known "For Dummies" book series & not only helped people to take their iPhography to the next level but also showcased & organised exhibitions for international iphographers

iPhography.com has been on pause for a while as it's creator was busy with other projects but will hopefully be...

Returning soon, bigger and better than ever



iPhography was created by Funky Love Bunny Australian artist, designer & entrepreneur. Funky majored in Photography during his Associate Diploma in Fine Arts (Sydney Australia) & has exhibited his Photography & iPhography in galleries around the world, was the creator & curator of The GOPA (Gallery On Park Ave) & also teaches iPhone Photography through his iPhography workshops


Image © Funky Love Bunny

Love Bunny Photography
Image © Funky Love Bunny

Image © Funky Love Bunny

Image © Funky Love Bunny



The shortest, simplest way to describe photography & video on iOS devices
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